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Sharing our convictions


Within the joyful diversity that has always been a feature of Christianity, the Protestant family – and especially the Lutheran and Reformed Protestant tradition, that of the United Protestant Church of France – places particular emphasis on four convictions.


  1. We thrive on trust received and shared

  2. Reading the Bible helps us to stand firm

  3. We need one another

  4. The good life is the simple life


The United Protestant Church in protestant history

Development In the 16th century, the Protestant Reformation emerged almost simultaneously in different areas of Europe. It was united around certain basic convictions: God is not a judge to be feared, but a father who loves us unconditionally; all humans are equal before God; the authority of the Bible is superior to that of the Church, etc. However, the forms and the expression of the Reformation varied across Europe. In France its origins are to be found in the intersection between Renaissance humanism and the Lutheran ideas coming from the German states.


Democratic governance

The system of governance of the United Protestant Church of France is known as the presbyterian-synodal system. Jesus Christ, is ultimately the only head of the Church; his authority is not delegated. The United Protestant Church is organized into congregations and elected councils of elders who seek to bring Christ’s authority to life and oversee the different types of service (or “ministry”).

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our pastor and church committee:
Abigail Crofts

President of the Parish Committee & Lay Preacher

Parish committee member

Christian Villnave
Barbara Falkiner
Cathie Gregg

Treasurer & Lay Preacher

sunday school team

Barbara Falkiner

Iona Hally

Marie-Anne Pelissier

François Deroche

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lay preachers

Gail Crofts

Olivier Walbaum

Barbara Falkiner

Cathie Gregg

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bible studies

Jean-Yves Remond

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