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The parish of Arve Mont-Blanc, running from Bonneville up to Vallorcine, passing by Megève and St. Gervais, includes five churches that are used all-year-round or on occasion.

Check out the Events page for dates and times of services in all of these locations.

The church is beautifully situated right in the middle of town.  Surrounded by it’s sloping garden, it creates a striking silhouette against the peaks rising behind it.


It is a reminder of the history of the protestant church in our valley, with its 19th century English architecture and cemetry.


It is the principal locality in the parish.

< argentière

72 chemin des Rachasses

74400 Argentière

Situated alongside the railway line at the end of the old village, this church is a real little jewel in wood!

Open throughout the summer.

St gervais >

510 chemin "La Vignette" 74170 St. Gervais - Les Bains

Rarely used due to the absence of electricity and heating but services occur in a parishioner's home close by. 

37 Avenue du Dr Jacques Arnaud, 74300 Cluses. 

In the centre of Cluses, the catholic chaplaincy welcomes us to these shared premises in order that the gospel can be share in the Arve valley. 

megève >

Chapelle St. Anne

Place de l'Église

74120 Megève

Au centre historique, cette petite chapelle est un havre de paix et de contemplation après une journée de ski ou de montagne. 

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