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Democratic governance (continued)

At local level

In practical terms, each local church, or parish, is responsible for its dayto-day running and policy. It is run by a council of elders elected every 4 years by the general assembly. The minister, or pastor, appointed by the council, is a member of the council by right.

At regional level

There is strong solidarity between local churches in each region, including in financial terms. Each local church sends delegates to the annual regional synod, which elects a regional council every 4 years. The regional synod elects delegates to the national synod (every four years).

At national level

The annual national synod lays down major policy guidelines, draws up statutory texts, ensures mutual solidarity, elects a national council (ministers and lay people), which elects its president (four years in office).



Each local church (or parish) is fully responsible for its own finances.

There is strong solidarity between churches both within and between regions. This solidarity enables joint regional and national commitments to be met (such as training, mission, international relations, ministers’ pensions, etc.) to be met.

The stipend paid to ministers (pastors) is based on standard conditions decided by the national synod.

The overall budget of the French United Protestant church (i.e. comprising local, regional and national budgets) is close to 26 million euros.

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